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If you can do something, does that mean you can teach it? Are all teachers just as good? Do we all know the best ways of teaching our language? Clearly it's a "no" to all of these. Language teaching is a skill, and it has come a long way since students sat in rows listening to the teacher.
I studied French for eight years at school and university, and at the end of that I could read a novel but couldn't hold a conversation. Modern language teaching is aimed at both accuracy and fluency - a learner should leave any lesson feeling confident that they could have a conversation on what they have been learning.
Since then I have gained qualifications in language teaching and learned a good many more languages. As a learner and school manager I've seen some excellent teaching and some that was awful. That's why I wanted to share the ideas I have gained over the years so that other people can become great teachers.  The result is How to Teach a Language, aimed at anyone who hasn't been through a full professional teaching course - or who just needs a refresher.
How to Teach a Language is aimed at anyone who wants to teach any language, especially those without formal teaching qualifications or experience. The book has just been published and this website is new. I hope to develop it into a site where language teachers can share their ideas and activities.

Every language you learn is a window into another community. When you teach your language, you are sharing your world.

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